Over 60 Years and Going Forward

Interstate Screw Corp. was founded in Miami, Florida in January 1956 by Albert Seiden and his son, Ronald Seiden.  It was officially incorporated in November, 1956. Contrary to the long-standing and amusing story told by Ronald, Albert did not win the Company in a poker game.  The truth as told, Albert was a successful venetian blind manufacturer and Ronald had just completed his B.B.A. degree at the University of Miami when the company was formed.  Together they established the fastener distributorship from the ground up.  Diligently they gained a foothold in the distribution chain of screws, nuts and bolts,  eventually adding numerous ancillary items to complement the extensive line of fasteners and fastener related products.  Miami and the surrounding cities of Southeastern Florida were experiencing a population growth, all the while Interstate Screw Corp. was successfully servicing the industry.

By the late 1970’s, Interstate Screw Corp. acquired Atlas Bolt and Nut Company from The Jim Walters Corporation near the time Albert Seiden passed away.  In the early 1980’s Interstate, under the sole direction of Ronald, acquired Allied Screw of Dixie from Sterling Bolt of Texas, Allied’s parent company.  Almost simultaneously with the Allied acquisition was the relocation to 475 W. 18th Street, in Hialeah, Florida. The new facility offered over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space for continued growth.  Interstate has remained at this prime location to this day and  the name INTERSTATE SCREW CORP. has become synonymous with fastener products throughout the Southeastern United States, South America, the Caribbean and beyond.

Ronald Seiden remained President of Interstate until his passing in August, 2013. His wife, Hermina J. Seiden became President at that time and remains so to this date. Dominick Menendez, Ronald’s son-in-law, became Vice President in 2016. Ronald’s daughter, Samantha, is also a full time employee helping with sales and accounting.

The successful story of Interstate Screw Corporation has been attributed to the nature of the product it distributes, the ability to diversify, the growth of population requiring product, sustainable economic conditions, an appreciation and ability to service our loyal customers and employee longevity.

Additionally, our success is attributed to a good organization that has as its motto SERVICE, QUALITY & PRICE. Old world thinking for new world times, a motto coined by its Founder, Ronald H. Seiden in 1956 and true to this day.

As a tribute to the remarkable vision and tenacity of our Founder:
In 2014, THE RONALD H. SEIDEN SCREW KING AWARD, was established and presented to the employee who most exemplified Positive Leadership and Integrity. The award, when presented, is our highest level of achievement and includes a monetary gift as well as a matching gift to the employee’s  charity of choice.

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